Doin’ Time Episode 5- Fantasy Football Round Table #3

This episode finds us trying to navigate the history of our first home league, Just Win Baby. We make our way through a four person conversation while getting far too intoxicated and attempting to break the record for F Bombs dropped in an hour. The result? A fun episode full of debates and home league trash talk. Parental discretion is certainly advised.




Doin’ Time Episode 4 – Anthony Solution #1


Ever find yourself in a situation and wonder, “I wonder what someone so much smarter and better looking than me would do…”? Here’s an answer to your prayers, bud. E-mail with your questions and I’ll answer them each week. #AnthonySolution

Doin’ Time Episode 1 – Fantasy Football


In this episode, the two Dave’s join me to kick off the opening of our yearly fantasy football league. We select draft order and discuss each pick in depth with a spur of the moment mock draft. For the second half of the episode we talk about the upcoming football season.